My professional life

About Me

My professional started in Gdansk – Poland. Studying on the Music Academy in Gdansk I worked as a musician in Musical Theater in Gdynia. At this time I composed original music for the Theater „Wybrzeze” in Gdansk. Here are the posters from a few of the theater shows. 

Betleem Polskie

Lucjan Rydel - Betleem Polskie

Directed and Stage Design by Marcel Kochanczyk

Planeta Bajka

Lucyna Legut - Planeta Bajka

Directed by Lucyna Legut and Jan Sieradzinski

I worked as a pianist or bass player with various bands visiting Europe – mostly Scandinavian countries and Switzerland. In the meantime I composed original music and arranged music for different artists.  

Currently I am a leader of the „Amar Orchestra” – a jazz combo presenting typical Big Band-style swing music.

My compositions and arrangements were presented by many artist, such as:

Jane L.Powell,  Jeff Trachta, Tony B., The Drifters, Krystyna Durys, Stacy MacAdams, Elżbieta Rakowska, Dorothy Bishop, Igor Portnoi, Elvy Rose, Hevelius Brass, Daphne McCoy, Renata Gleinert, Kwame Remy,  Katerina Rossa, Sony Rose, Ruben Anthony, Billie Wells, John Marriott, Viviana Guzman, Paweł Hulisz, Daniel Jupp, Esri Dijkstra, Daniel Bouchet,  Tre Amici, Jeremy Fenn-Smith, Krystian Nehrebecki, Jennifer Fair, Geraldine Doyle, Franco Spotto, and many more.

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