Henryk Wieczynski

Composer, Arranger, Musician


Arrangements for any kind of line-up

I have the ability to compose and arrange any kind of music for any kind of band (from Jazz Band with a Vocal, through Choir with accompaniment up to Symphonic Orchestra). This is a fragment of the score of the piece „Sing,Sing,Sing” written for a jazz combo – Trumpet, Alto Sax, Trombone, Piano, Bass, Drums.

I am leading a six piece band – „Amar Orchestra”. With this band I had a pleasure to visit many countries with very warm response from the audience to our swing-style music.

AMAR Orchestra


I am an expert in the musical software. For composing and arranging audio I am using Cubase and Sonar Platinum. For composing and arranging in written I am using Sibelius and Finale. For Polish version of Finale 2011 I created great tutorial consisting more than 7 hours of videos. Here is a little example.

Great Music

Whenever you need to have original music composed for you; if you need great arrangement of your favorite music; when you need fantastic live music – this is correct address: www.hwmusic.com.pl

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